Testimonials of Success with Neurofeedback

"The most notable area of success for me has been improved focus.  After about a month or 2 I would actually be able to learn and remember info from lectures and reading became less frustrating.  I really loved the results of my sessions and would recommend Neurofeedback before people use medication for ADD."
A.M., Temecula

"My 11 yr old son has autism.  He is pretty high-functioning but had a lot of problems with focusing and staying on task.  We began to see results with him after about 10 sessions of neurofeedback.  More work was being completed at school.  Homework time became my new 'quiet time' of the day instead of the 'fight-time' it used to be!!  Homework time used to be an absolute nightmare for everyone----Neurofeedback was the only treatment my son was getting during this period of improvement.  He continues to need periodic neurofeedback sessions.  He continues to do well in school, stays on task more frequently and is very responsible about getting homework done."
M.O.,  Temecula

"My 7 year old son was experiencing acute panic attacks exhibited solely around school time.  He also struggled in performance with reading.  We started neurofeedback initially to reduce panic attacks which was successful within a few months of sessions.  He now attends school without panic and is eager to get there early to play with his friends!  It has relieved so much to see him happy again!  Next, we worked on reading with neurofeedback and he has made huge achievements.  He will even say that he likes to read now!  This treatment is non-invasive and has made enormous positive changes for my son."
S.G., Temecula 

"My son was 7 and in the 2nd grade when his older sibling came to live with us.  His sibling was angry, and his teacher was overworked, underpaid, and ready to retire.  Always empathetic, my little one was overwhelmed by the stress at home and school.  He began to sleepwalk, grind his teeth at night, and twitch-grimacing, rolling his shoulders and neck, clenching his fists.  After consulting a neurologist to be sure there were no underlying medical issues, he began neurofeedback therapy.  He dreaded it at first, but I immediately noticed improvement so encouraged him to continue.  Very quickly he stopped sleepwalking, and within weeks he stopped grinding his teeth.  Two years later he looks forward to therapy about once a month.  The twitching has significantly diminished - no one notices but me!  I love that he has learned how to calm his mind and still his thoughts (and body) without drugs or discussion, just through simple, non-invasisve exercise."
T.H., Temecula

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